Erin Biba

Erin Biba

Erin Biba is a freelance reporter and Correspondent for WIRED Magazine. Based in San Francisco she covers science and its intersection with technology and pop culture.

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The Changing Face of Skin Cancer

Take a deep dive under the skin and read how we’ve started to make progress in treating the most common cancer....

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The Evolution of Endpoints

Progress in the fight against cancer has created a paradox when it comes to clinical trials....

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The HER2 Journey - Perseverance

The HER2 Journey: The inside story of a breast cancer breakthrough, 30 years in the making....

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The Tissue Is Still The Issue

Is a “biomarker-centric” view of cancer really the best way to think about the disease?...

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Trailblazing Trials

After 60 years, clinical trials are starting to change in ways unimaginable even 10 years ago....