Erin Biba

Erin Biba

Erin Biba is a freelance reporter and Correspondent for WIRED Magazine. Based in San Francisco she covers science and its intersection with technology and pop culture.

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Scientific American

A Superplume Is the Reason Africa Is Splitting Apart

Primordial gases confirm the cause of the East African Rift...

Scientific American

Kidney Stones, a Phone that Lies, Waves on Titan and More in Scientific American's June Issue

A deeper dive into the magazine's Advances stories...

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Scientific American

Meet NASA’s One and Only Planetary Protection Officer

Catharine Conley’s job is to watch out for cross-contamination in the solar system...

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Scientific American

Meet the Co-Founder of an Apocalypse Think Tank

Martin Rees, astrophysicist and founding member of the Center for the Study of Existential Risk, talks differentiating sci-fi from real doomsday possibilities...

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Scientific American

Physics Week in Review: July 6, 2013

Jul 6, 2013 ... Science writer Erin Biba is taking a closer look at various International Space Station Experiments. In this installment she looks at phase ......

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Scientific American

Your Intestines Can Taste Sugar

And a new diabetes drug targets those sweet receptors...