Erin Biba

Erin Biba

Erin Biba is a freelance reporter and Correspondent for WIRED Magazine. Based in San Francisco she covers science and its intersection with technology and pop culture.

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A Transhuman Conundrum: Uploading Your Consciousness -

This week we’re taking a look at the ethics of enhancing ourselves. We’ll present you with a series of ethical conundrums brought about by entirely possible future transhuman modifications and you can argue the ethics in the comments. We’ll have to face these questions eventually, might as well get started...

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Awesome Jobs: Meet Kayla Iacovino, Trekker Volcanologist -

Kayla Iacovino has been to North Korea to study its volcano. Yes, North Korea has a volcano. We chatted with her about how North Korean scientists differ from their Western counterparts and what it was like to be the only American--and the only woman--trekking through the Democratic People’s Republic of...

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Awesome Jobs: Meet Kevin Arrigo, Biological Oceanographer -

Kevin Arrigo studies some of the teeny tiniest organisms on the planet -- microscopic plants called Phytoplankton. To get at what makes these itty bitties tick he climbs aboard giant ice-breaking ships and heads out to the planet’s icy North and South where they are the most active....

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Awesome Jobs: Meet Martin Nweeia, Narwhal Expert (and Dentist!) -

We chatted with a narwhal expert to learn why the narwhal tusk is one of the weirdest teeth in the world and what it’s like to wade into the arctic waters of Canada’s Northwest Territories with Inuit guides to get a closer look at the real-life unicorn of the sea....

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Awesome Jobs: Meet Nathalie Cabrol, Planetary Scientist and Extreme Altitude Diver -

Nathalie Cabrol, a planetary scientist at NASA, climbs some of the world’s highest mountains and dives into their lakes to understand what life on other planets may have been like in the past before climate change eliminated their surface water....

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Awesome Jobs: Meet Susan Humphris, Science Submarine Skipper -

Some of the world’s most interesting rocks aren’t accessible by foot. That’s why geologist and chemist Susan Humphris regularly uses a deep-ocean submarine named Alvin to get to them. We chatted with Humphris about what it’s like to sit in a submarine the bottom of the deep ocean and why...

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Awesome Jobs: Meet Tim Orr, Volcanologist -

For our first profile of awesome scientists, we find out what compels a man to walk on volcanoes in the name of science....

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Awesome Jobs: Meet Tom Iliffe -

Tom Iliffe only studies animals that live in the hardest-to-reach locations -- those weird colorless, sightless organisms that exist only in the world's deepest, darkest, underwater caves....

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ISS Experiments: Finding New Vaccines -

Why scientists brought Salmonella and other bacteria to the International Space Station....

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Tested Explains: What The Heck is Inflation Theory? -

Big physics news is always kind of hard to understand. So I called up my favorite theoretical physicist, CalTech’s Sean Carroll, to help explain the theory of inflation for those of us that don’t do physics....